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Kathleen Digney has been creating portraits for individuals, families and corporations for over 20 years. “Painting portraits is not only about creating a likeness”, says Kathleen. “It is about discovering what makes a person unique and capturing one’s personality.” This is done by observing how the subject of the portrait interacts with his/her world, looking for specific mannerisms or gestures, and sometimes painting them in specific environments.

A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, she studied portrait painting under the tutelage of Joe Cintron. He studied with Robert Brackman who in turn studied with Robert Henri and others. It is this rich heritage in portraiture that was passed down to her through generations combined with her own development that makes her the artist she is today.

“The goal behind the work I create is to capture the beauty, uniqueness and character of the individual, while also creating a great piece of art.”



Kathleen will be teaching Oil Painting  and Portraits in Pencil at the Spartanburg Art Museum’s Art School on Mondays, January 23rd – February 27th from 6 to 9 pm. Follow this link for more information or to register.