Angie Stone

Angie Stone

A native of Northern Virginia, Angie Stone has lived in Myrtle Beach and Greenville, SC collectively for over seventeen years; long enough to be considered a local.  Angie now lives on Paris mountain with her sons and new husband where, as she says; is much inspiration for her work.  Nature is a constant in her creations.

Angie took some years away from her artwork to raise a family and pursue other interests.  Now that her boys are older, she is able to devote time to her passion of making art.  She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA with a degree in Paint & Printmaking, and a second in Sculpture.  Her focus now is in painting and sketching.  Angie tends to work with large panels and canvases, and It is not unusual to find her creating three or for paintings simultaneously. Oil paint is Angie’s favorite medium, but she also uses acrylic, ink, tempera paint, colored pencil, pastels—honestly, anything that can make a mark.

The French Impressionists (Angie’s absolute favorites), as well as Artists like Jasper Johns; John Cage; Robert Rauschenberg; Van Gogh; Frieda Kahlo; Renoir; etc. made a huge impact on Angie, her work, and in her life. In the spirit of several of these artists, she also creates small collage pieces using miscellaneous materials on canvas board; cigar boxes; panels; and papier-mâché-’ forms.

Angie has shown her work locally at The Art Cellar, Daly Designs and is now a member of The Artist’s Guild Gallery of Greenville, where her work is currently on display and available for purchase.

Contact Information:

Cell:  502.612.9127

The Artist Guild Gallery of Greenville:  864.239.3882


Recent shows:

The Art Cellar–August thru October 2015

Daly Designs–July thru October 2015