Mandy Solich

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Mandy Solich

My love for art began as a small child, growing up in Colorado, with my parents working at an art supply store. I remember walking through there and loving the world of art. The smell of colored pencils, the bright array of the paint displays captured me. My parents saw my enthusiasm and bought me my first set of colored pencils.

           Learning to display art through cakes and desserts is where my talent lead me, although never giving up my passion for painting. I then attended the Art Institute of Colorado and the Art Institute of Charlotte NC for interior design and graphic design. Only to realize abstract painting is where I thrive. 

           Being a self taught painter I’ve come to use different mediums; from acrylic paints, papier-mâché, foil, all the way to wrapping paper, so I can create many different textures and then bring each piece to life. Putting emotion and movement on a canvas and then letting the paint take over and develop. 

           Being an artist I have found I am constantly revealing myself in each piece I create. Painting for me is my escape, just like reading a book, I get lost in the story. Looking at the world as an artist is a remarkable view that keeps me craving more.