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My work is realistic abstract. I enjoy the excitement of pouring paint on canvas or paper and using whatever is at hand to produce wonderful textures and forms. I use any medium necessary to get the desired result: plastic wrap, tissues, sand, glass, oil paint, acrylics, charcoal, ink and natural items like ferns, leaves, tree bark, or grass. I let the paint guide me. I find that if I try to control the piece, I am usually disappointed. I like to work fast; it keeps me from over-thinking things. Once I start mentally dissecting a piece, the spontaneity and energy is gone. I love the beautiful surprises that can emerge in a piece when I am willing to let go a bit.

I am an upstate artist of Greenville, South Carolina, and deeply influenced by my surroundings.The Greenville Skyline and the Piedmont’s Textile Heritage fascinate me. Everywhere I go, I view the environment through an artistic perspective and try to see things in a different way. I notice colors, contrasts, angles, and light, which all serve as inspiration for my paintings. My natural tendency is to see things others may miss, or to discover unconventional possibilities in the conventional.