David Jay Lee

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David Jay Lee


Originally from Miami Florida, I moved to Clayton Georgia in the late 1970’s and fell in love with Southern Appalachia.  After serving 6 years aboard the nuclear submarine USS Skate as a reactor chemist and working in civilian nuclear power for about 14 years, I moved to Charlotte NC as a software engineer.  In 2005, I was able to move back to the mountains in Tryon NC (about an hour from Greenville).  I have been oil painting since age 14.


Oil on canvas is my primary medium and inspiration comes from great artists such as Monet, Dali, Braque, Bosch, and Turner.  I started doing realism and eventually my work included impressionism, surrealism, abstractions, and now cubism as well.  These styles are tools in my toolbox and I use any or all of them at any given time which provides a sort of timeless mood to my work.  I find this is a good technique to use in pursuit of a unique style such that sometimes I hear people say ‘that is so Dave’.


Many of my paintings have taken several years to complete due to the high resolution of the imagery applied to the canvas.  That said, I truly love artwork that is done quickly so long as the artist does not skimp.  To my eyes, the greatest of these quick artists was Van Gogh, whose work I admire greatly.   To be clear, I do not aspire to that, it is beyond my comprehension how such perfect lines can be laid out in one day and stand the test of eternity.  I plan on adding value through attention to detail while experimenting with techniques used by my fellow artists at the Artist Guild of Greenville.